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promo day coming up

Tue 18 Oct 2016

the make up artist's advise for head shots

Tue 18 Oct 2016

You can book a professional hair and make up artist for your session with us. It is a great way to get a polished look and it will make you feel a million dollars! Take a look at this little video for some professional on what to bear in mind for your acting head shot.

Stylist shows men how to dress to look 10 years younger and how good direction at a photo shoot can make all the difference

Fri 7 Oct 2016

I recently was sent this article about 'how to dress to look 10 years younger' by a male friend who thought I'd might find it interesting. Being a woman, issues of style and body image aren't unfamiliar to me, but I was kind of surprised to read that men in the 60's phase similar questions and insecurities, as well as that my friend was taking an active interest in how to dress. The article, in a nutshell, is a make over session with the journalist elaborating on his experience and his personal situation. Very insightful I thought, and some great advise too.

More interesting to me was the clever use of images, which is a great example on how good direction by the photographer can really elavate the success of a shoot. The article shows the journalist 'before' without any instructions by the photographer. I am guessing here but I am pretty certain the journalist just stood there left on his own devices, turning and smiling towards the camera like he felt it was the right thing to do. Neither did the photographer take much care with the camera position and composing the shot. The only thing which says 'professional' rather then snap shot is the lighting set up. In contrast the second part of the shoot is  much more purposeful and no doubt the result of some good instructions from the photographer and how to turn, hold the head and the hands. I am especially fond of the sitting on the stool with 'a foot on the stool pose'. There are a few more good points about the photographer's direction to be discovered and I have posted the link to the article below.

I am leaving you with the thought that posing doesn't have to look stiff or artifical but should show the subject at his/her best and should add some dynamism, presence and polish to the subject.


corporate identity shoot for BTNA

Mon 3 Oct 2016

this image is from a corporate identity shoot for the accountancy firm in Yarraville. We used the office walls as a backdrop to keep a strong link to the office as well as to move away from the architypal corporate shoot.

corporate headshots for RJ Melbourne

Mon 3 Oct 2016


Working with RJ Melbourne was a real pleasure and their showroom in Fitzroy is worthwhile a visit especially if you like intelligent workplace solutions. As for the headshots, the brief was to match the style and lighting to the headshots of the Sydney office.

things I learned when working with children

Fri 9 Sep 2016

1. Unlike adults kids don't like surprises. Speak to the photographer prior to the shoot and find out what to expect from the session & relay the information to your child. Your child will be a lot less tense being familiar with the different steps.

2. Minors should always be accompanied by an adult at photo shoots. However, try and a find a way to be in the room without adding pressure to your child's performance. It is a good time to pretend to be looking at the phone or a magazine. 

3. Provide your child with some basic coping strategies. It can be a daunting situation for a child meeting a group of adult strangers and they are unsure on how to behave. How about teaching them to introduce themselves. It can be quite empowering for them to know how to go about that.

4. Consider the booking at a time of the day/week when your child is at its best. Try and avoid appointments which interfere with sleep routines. 

5. Encourage them to enjoy themselves. The majority of photographers who work with children will go about photographing in a playful way to create natural expressions.

12 handy hints on what to wear to your shoot

Tue 30 Aug 2016

1. Be clear what the images are for. If it is a branding shoot or Linkedin profile, consider what you would wear for a meeting or a job interview.

2. Black is a stylish colour, but can draw colour from the face. A lot of people suit mid tones such as grey, blue, beige or brown much better. The same is true for very light tones, such as white. If in doubt - bring a selection!

3. Pay particular attention to the necklines. A portrait or branding shots will always be focussing on the head and shoulder area to draw the attention to the person - even full length shots. Choose something flattering which is not too low or too tight around the neck.

4. If you have a friend who's opinion you trust - why not run a couple of outfits past him/her? Or ask our opinion on the day.

5. It can help the confidence and 'feeling special' factor to go shopping for the shoot especially. This is by no means a 'must'. My personal go to shirt is several years old actually and still works well for me.

6. Avoid patterns or large assessories which can be distracting or age the image quickly. There will be a time in the future when we will look back at all those Breton stripes and associate them closely with the today.

7. Try your outfit on prior to the shoot to assure good fit. Choose a well fitting item over something which is too loose or too tight. Tailored pieces tend work well.

8. Clothes should be clean and free of creases. 

9. It is good to bring a selection. At the end of the day it is not extra cost to shoot a few different options and can be an advantage.

10. If you are building an image pool consider cordinating outfits eg a similar colour scheme. It will give you extra freedom on how to combine and mix and match shots in the future. 

11. When coordinating a group or team, make sure you communicate wardrobe choices clearly & double check prior to the shoot that everybody got the memo.

12. The devil is in the detail. Let me me tell you about the group portrait where everybody was wearing black except one person who choose white socks to go with the otherwise black outfit. We managed to fix this in post production but what an eye opener (Pun alert)!


a lesson in staying true to your brand

Fri 12 Aug 2016

It is great when people know exactly what they are about and what their personal brand is. Diversity is such a buzz word, but yes isn't it wonderful that we are all so different? As somebody who looks images a lot, it is often difference which makes me stop and take more interest. Whether that is a strong personal brand or interesting lighting or composition. 

3 things to consider when choosing a photographer

Tue 9 Aug 2016

1. Do you like the photographers work? This is an obvious one to start with. It is worthwhile looking at the key elements of images, lighting and composition.  I tend to tell my clients that it is great to hear what they like - but equally important to hear what doesn't work for them. Does the style of work fit your brand? Whether we are talking personal brand or a business, it is crucial to consider whether it works in your context and of course whether you trust the photographer to translate what you have in mind.

2. Does the photographer shoot the kind of work you are after? Choose a wedding photographer to shoot your wedding and a product photographer to shoot your products. Each genre requires hugely different skill sets and personality traits. Personally, I'd go with somebody who is an expert in their field and not with a Jack of all trades. (Sorry Jack!)

3. Last not least look at the photographer's experience. There are a lot of talented amateurs around and even more good cameras. A professional photographer will be able to deliver to brief with consistency something which is out of reach for most amateurs. An experienced photographer can advise you on the best approach and enlighten you about visual trends as well as save you costly pitfalls. Did you know that graffiti work is protected by the copyright law? 



promotional day on the 9th July

Mon 27 Jun 2016

we have a few spaces left on the 9th July. Bookings are essential & limited.