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The Big Headshot Day

Wed 10 Jan 2018

We are currently gearing up towards the Big Headshot Day on the 4th of February. The Big Headshot Day is a one-of-annual event where we offer the opportunity for headshot sessions at a discounted rate. You are still getting the same talented photographer, top photography gear and expert lighting styles as with any other booking. We will cater for your specific requirements and you have the choice of 1 background. Sessions start from $99 which includes the shoot and 1 retouched image of your choice. Whether you are looking for a professional headshot for your Linkedin profile or company website or in need to update your acting profile or simply looking to capture that summer glow this is the perfect opportunity. Please get in touch for any enquiries or bookings. Terms and conditions apply.

why are we offering a free consultation?

Mon 4 Sep 2017

Whether you are after a Linkedin headshot session or you are booking in a group session to have your staff photographed, a consultation is always a good start. Most people have a ton of questions and are also nervous about what to expect from a professional photo shoot. Let me put you at ease - everybody can get good results with a bit of guidance from a good photographer. And having a chat prior is a good idea. We will demystify the process and tell you step by step what to expect. At the same time we will ask you many questions to find out what is important to you and how to assist you further. Some people might need more assistance in regards to logistis others perhaps benefit from tips on wardrobe choices or how to schedule staff. Trust me, no client is the same and we wouldn't like it any differerent. We speak in easy to understand language and avoid jargon and guide you through decision making where needed. By the end of the session you will feel informed and ready. The consultation can be done at any time and over the phone however we would like to make sure we catch you in a good moment and hence suggest making an appointment. 

Authenticity - the art of staying true to yourself

Thu 15 Jun 2017

Popular culture is full of the comedy around dating and how the profile picture is not resembling the person. However we often come across it in business too. There are a few different reasons to why an image is not resembling the person. Most often is too old and doesn't represent the person anymore. Hair styles and hair colours have changed and even the line of work or position at the company. You will be surprised about the amount of people checking out profiles before the first meeting, before going to a networking event or conference. It is not just a missed opportunity but reflects negatively. 'First impressions count' is not by a chance a popular saying. The humlbe headshot is also a great way to personalise your business and to make you look professional yet approachable. This is especially true for all those providing services eg law firms. A headshot can provide that human link and assure that there is a human at the other side to connect with. Despite my passionate call to subscribe to authenticity, people will still want to see you looking your best - well groomed but without a facade. With a little bit of thought and help from professionals like us you are sure to strike the right balance with elegance and ease. Whether you are looking for a headshot for your Linkedin profile, to show off your team on your website or to build on an image library you won't regret it. 

studio headshots vs location headshots

Mon 8 May 2017

Both have got their merits for sure. If you are coming for an individual session we are able to accomodate both if you are unsure what is right for you. Studio headshots are shot in the studio which has overall advantage of privacy. At times by passers will stop and watch and if you are a little nervous about that the studio might be more appealing to you. The other thing major factor with location work is the weather. Melbourne has famously got 4 season in one day. And the time of the day makes a difference with location shooting too. A midday appointment, will limit your options to where the shoot can take place. That has nothing to do with our lunch break but with the direction of the light - and we do aim to make you look your very best! At midday the light is coming from above which unflattering and we would need to be very selective where to shoot. Mornings and afternoons provide the best light. We can recommend the best time of the day depending on what you have in mind. A location, be it a background texture or a graphic element of architecture, can add a charming element to your headshots and personalise your companies session. On the contrary the studio portrait, without those other elements, provides your with more flexibility as it integrate into all layouts. The best is to chat about it and we can help you pre visualize what migh work best for you.

do your company headshots need a project manager?

Mon 24 Apr 2017

When organising a team of people for company headshots, it is a great idea to nominate a project manager. Some businesses have headshots done regularly which means they have some routine, but most companies don't get the chance very often. It pays off to put a little thought into it and having a singular vision. Here are a few handy bullet points of what needs to be typcially taken care off to make your headshot session a success.

- photogapher briefing 

- schedule staff and photographer

- communicate dress code and how you would like the company being represented eg we are looking for a friendly and relaxed mood

- act as a go to person for questions from both sides

- find out whether images have to suit specific layouts 

- is there an existing image library to build on

- communicate deadlines or any other company specifics




are you looking for an acting agent?

Thu 20 Apr 2017

The Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance has got a lot of information how to go about finding an agent. There is no ultimate list out there but the Alliance offers help with how to approach the subject and what questions to ask. Ultimately there is no one shoe fits all, but you soon find out who could be good for you. Some good headshots is something you will need too. First impressions count and shows the potential agent that you are serious & professional. At the end of the day the agent will be sticking their head out for you and invest their time and reputation. It'd might be worthwhile bearing in mind as well that we live in a transperant world. Projecting a professional image from you personal Facebook site to your acting profiles is crucial. Whilst a holiday snap is ok to use for your personal accounts they are really inappropriate when it comes to work.

hiring a hair & make up artist - yay or nay?

Wed 19 Apr 2017

Should you book a hair and make up artist for your shoot is a question often asked. There is no answer fits all and I will be sharing a few thoughts on the matter to help figure out what is best for you.


In this blog I’ll be talking about hair and make up for an individual sessions, such as a Linkedin profile shoot, actors headshots or a portrait session. I am planning on doing a specific post for corporate headshots of teams at a later point. Whilst some of the points are still valid, the angle would be a slightly different one.


There is no doubt that a hair and make up artist is upping the production values and provide you with a professional image but is by no means is essential to getting good results.  As you may already know, if you are having a photo session with The Headshot Company your images will be retouched. During the retouching we generally take care of anything isn’t permanent part of your appearance and at the same time give you a bit a spruce up. The results will make you look a little more polished without altering your appearance. For the majority of people that is sufficient. At the end of the day the profile picture should be a fairly accurate representation of what you look like in order to be recognized at meetings or headhunted at conferences. It might be the time to ditch that 10 year old profile photograph in favor of newer and more sophisticated you not to pass up on those opportunities.


Let me swerve back to talking about booking a hair and make up artist before I get started on dating profiles.


If appearance plays a big part in your job then booking a hair and make up artist might be something to consider.  And I want to include the gents here too who might want to include some grooming.  It comes at no surprise that a professional hair and make up artist can provide you with a much more polished look then what you can do yourself. For a start hair and make up is done just before the shoot. You are looking fresh without any chance of the weather or the day ruining it.


On average you would need to plan about an extra hour for having hair and make up done and it needs to be booked in advance.  Typically the hair gets done first and it is styled to provide a smooth finish, without fly away or unruly hair to stay in place.  Depending on your taste the hair can be anything from perfect neat to messy and for most people it is somewhat in the middle – not too neat not too messy.  It can be helpful to have a hair and make up artist to make some hair changes in between outfits changes.  


Such as with the hair, preceding the make up is a short consultation. You will discuss a color palette and whether you are going for something very glamorous or a more natural approach. Make up artists know how to match the foundation to your skin tone  and often come with suitcases of different products to cater for skin tones and allergies. Applying foundation requires a little skill – one wants coverage without blocking the pores and and avoid creating a mask like look.

Do I dare say - I believe the hair and make up artist can make a difference psychologically as well. There is something hugely ritualistic about getting ready with its transformative power. For most people looking good makes them feel good which tends to be good starting point for a photo shoot.


what is a mobile studio set up or if you can't come to us we can come to you

Wed 19 Apr 2017

The mobile studio set up consists of a photographic background and studio lighting and can be set up in most places eg at your office. It can be a good solution if you are organsing headshots for a group of people. Instead of organsing everybody to travel out to us, your colleagues or staff can carry on working and the disruption of the work day remain minimal. The back drops come in many different colours, however most people choose white/grey/black. Office walls can make a suitable backdrop too, especially if the interior goes hand in hand with your branding collatoral. I was very impressed at a recent shoot where the company managed to source a carpet where the colours and design mirrored their logo. It was a tempting to get everybody to lie down for their headshots (joke!). 

When we come to you we bring studio lighting, all of which are undergo an annual electrical test & tag. In the rare event that your office hasn't got any electricty we can cater for that too! The studio lighting will give you that look of consistency associated with studio photography and the lighting direction will help to model your face advantageously and the eyes will look alive and engaged.  We also use a number lighting acessories which produce soft and flattering light which is standard with our mobile studio set up. It might be worth mentioning that the set up comes with its own stands and doesn't need attaching of any kind and takes about 15min to set up. 



that's why we like planning our shoots

Thu 13 Apr 2017

The Headshot Company is a commercial photographic business and we undertake a wide range of jobs. As the name gives it away headshots is a big part of what we do and we cater for businesses, the corporate world and also shoot headshot for actors and actresses.


Whether you come to have your Linkedin profile done, or you are a large corporate client we’d like to find out what you are after in as much detail as possible. People and industries can differ and as they say ‘the devil is in the detail’ - and yes it is all those details we are taking care off. 


If you don’t exactly know what you want – tell us what you don’t want or don’t like! General information – your profession – where the images are going to be used – information about layouts or existing image libraries are very valuable info. If you don’t like your teeth, a big bright smile, will not work for you. Take advantage of our creative minds. We are here to guide you and to help you communicate your brand effectively.


It might be worth mentioning also that we work with a lot of different equipment and can implement different approaches. Coming back to the notion ‘what you don’t want’ – you don’t want to have images matches those of your competitors. Whilst keeping it relevant to your brand and your industry we can help you with a more customized approach.


The other nice thing about getting about planning ahead is that you know that you have addressed all the questions, got the shirts pressed and the hair appointment scheduled in time that you can be relaxed on the day and all you have to do is enjoy yourself.


And yes you are in safe hands with us. For most people going to a photographic studio or having the photographer around is a unique and new experience. This in itself means a bit of pressure as one it is not uncommon feeling a little out of depths. To demystify - nobody expects you to know what to do or to model for the camera. First and foremost the idea behind a profile image is to look like you but nevertheless your ‘best self’ if that makes sense. Hence a photo shoot is a bit of a process. We will give you simple advice and direction throughout on your best angles and will coach you on expressions. Most people relax into the role quite easily and enjoy themselves.


We don’t believe in hard sell but in providing a service and that is why we send you a link to your images to view at home. You can take as long as you like deciding on what is the right image for you and get advise from your family & friends along side. And if you are on a deadline it could be a good idea to plan in some time to view the images a couple of times. 

Plan your success

Tue 1 Nov 2016

If you are currently looking for a job or long for to get an audition you will be likely to be aware of the importance of a professional profile photograph. 

This article by Forbes explains well how busy recruiters go about pre selecting and what to bear in mind and many parallels can be drawn to casting agents. First impressions count and you just don't want to chance being overlooked because your image isn't looking as professinal as your resume.

Think about it- the initial investment will barely register ones you get the job!